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Digalyne Branding Plan of Action Worksheet
Digalyne Branding Plan of Action Worksheet

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Digalyne's Branding Plan of Action (BPoA) Worksheet provides rising small business and entrepreneurs with high-level structure for brand consistency, and preemptive strategy guidelines for overall brand development.

The BPoA simplifies 6 key branding techniques to streamline action and focus vision for the lifecycle of your brand. Use this Riser Resource to:

1. Determine Target Audience Actions. You are in business for a specific reason and to serve a niche audience. Specify what key actions your target audience should take when interacting with your brand. Hint: These will generally always be the same.

Eg.: A Marketing Agency

Audience Action 1: Requests project-based marketing support.
Audience Action 2: Requests long-term marketing outsourcing.
Audience Action 3: Requests individual marketing services.

2. Define Problem & Solution. Your business is meant to solve a problem. Define that problem or need and identify the solutions that your business offers against them. This will focus overall brand messaging.

3. Develop Key Differentiators. Your services and products are not like anything else. Identify what sets your business apart from the competition and frame top level messaging around these differentiators.

And more.

Digalyne's BPoA Worksheet helps management determine strategy, help new and existing employees maintain guidelines for brand messaging, and ensure ongoing brand oversight.

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