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Client Work + Wins

Strategic partnership that meets you where you are

Digalyne's portfolio includes support for a $16.4 million client base, and (we're proud to say) our core clients have remained with us since inception. You might have heard us say before that we co-create with you...meaning we're dedicated to client success. Our clients come to us with unique challenges, and we work together to uncover the solution and capture measurable wins.

We Empathize. Strategize. Deliver.

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SaaS Product Marketing Rebrand Niche to Enterprise Software

From $1 million to $2 million in revenue, our SaaS client worked in the proposal management software space and developed a formalized product to meet growing customer and industry demands. Our client started with a singular idea, which made it to market as a singular SaaS solution and sought support for a product rebrand introducing an enterprise grade SaaS model. In addition to brand repositioning, our client also required a digital strategy for product launch and rebrand. Digalyne worked with our client to understand the new tool’s value proposition and user functionality, developed a marketing strategy for beta launch, content marketing aligned to the enterprise software’s 06 different solutions, and strategy development to provide customer value to the existing users.  

Trade Association Email Marketing | Product Launch to Cardiac Practitioners

A global leader of certification for heart rhythm management required a digital strategy for online course launch to more than 30,000 cardiologists and heart rhythm practitioners. The course was brand new and unfamiliar to a skeptical target audience. As a subcontractor, Digalyne worked with our partners and the client to develop and manage a digital strategy campaign for product launch. We developed an email marketing strategy, live streaming promotion strategy for interaction with subject matter experts and worked with our partner’s graphic design team to deliver quality promotional graphics for the 3-week product launch campaign. Our digital strategy optimized a 03-tier model including Teaser, Launch, Post-Launch strategy that successfully acquired more than $70,000 in sales in 3 months.      

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SaaS Content Marketing  
Product Support Video Library

Our SaaS client experienced a churn rate 40% higher than industry average and came to us to request content marketing services. Digalyne conducted Discovery Sessions and worked with the product and sales teams to understand the customer buying process. Our client had the right automations in place to authenticate new sign-ups for their SaaS product but did not have customer support content for user onboarding. Digalyne developed tool-specific content including a private video library, email marketing drip campaigns to nurture new users, and an interactive, online help site content library with 18 categories. We developed video scripts, gathered stock imagery for approved video use, guided video production with our client's internal team, and worked with the product team to ensure content accuracy.

Ecommerce Digital Integration Website Optimization for
New Brand

A brand new t-shirt company partnered with us to continue developing a half-done e-commerce website. Digalyne took it a step further with e-commerce optimization. The t-shirt company had zero sales and zero digital presence, as well as a website (Wix) with several missing pieces. Our client needed the website to integrate with its third-party fulfillment center for shipping. As Wix experts, we worked with our client and the third-party fulfillment center to determine the cause for integration failure. After identifying the issue, Digalyne leveraged Wix Developer Center to connect the correct webhook between the two sites for a custom integration and ran tests to ensure connectivity. Digalyne did not stop there. We setup our client’s e-store including the merchandise listing, developed a sales funnel for site visitors and new buyers, and integrated the e-commerce shop across Meta and Instagram stores for maximum visibility. Our client ramped up sales and social media followers within 1.5 months of project start.  


Nonprofit Social Media Strategy  
Raising Funds to Feed the Homeless Community

A District of Columbia nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting against homelessness and food insecurity approached Digalyne with a desire to raise funds for the organization. We worked with our client to determine the best way to reach potential donors and garner awareness for the fundraising goal. Our client’s incorporation anniversary was soon approaching. Thus, Digalyne developed a social media campaign dubbed the “15 for 15” drive to celebrate the anniversary of the organization and build awareness for the fundraiser through a micro-donation campaign strategy. Additionally, we continue social campaigning and worked with TV personality, Mr. Bake, as seen on Food Network and Netflix to build brand awareness across multi-channel audiences. Our campaigns helped the nonprofit increase social media followers more than 200 and gain more than $5,500 in donations made available using our client’s website donation links, GoFundMe, and PayPal Giving Fund.

SaaS Digital Project Consulting From Ad Hoc Tasks to Holistic Strategy

Our SaaS client had a small team of dispersed contractors and staff with big ambitions to deliver product and service innovations. However, our client operated with “small business syndrome” and lacked the tools, systems, and strategy to deliver in a measurable and holistic way. Digalyne worked with our client to understand the challenges, including lack of communication strategy between team members, lack of mutual vision, and nonexistent digital strategy. We optimized virtual communication channels for group brainstorming and regular team touchpoints including Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Project, implemented a CRM, and developed key performance indicators for marketing activities. Our collaboration enabled our client to go from shiny object syndrome and over-emphasis on ad hoc tasks to cross-functional teamwork and strategic decision making.

SaaS Technical Content Writing
Online User Manual 

Our SaaS client developed a new cloud-based tool with several technical layers and internal modules. Before our client could launch the tool, they worked with us to produce a strategy for gathering in-product user feedback and to develop a comprehensive user manual for easy customer access and that is compatible with online use. Digalyne worked with our client's product development team, management, and design team to produce and maintain a 35-category user manual to help onboard new users post-product launch. View the User Manual. 

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